Saturday, December 7, 2013

Surprise, Cancer!

April, 2013.

I noticed a rather large lump in my throat, thinking it was my lymph nodes and probably strep throat. It seemed bigger suddenly and I had issues swallowing.

We went to the ER, as it Sunday. They swabbed me for strep. For mono. Nope. Got an x-ray. It was something but the doctor on call didn't feel it was worth being more invasive.


He sent me home with the thought that I was about to get strep or mono or whatever. To take ibuprofen for the swelling. To call my doctor OR return to the ER if it worsened.

Took my ibuprofen and the swelling went down a little.

May 2013

Visit to my mother's with the baby. My relatives decided they didn't like the looks of the lump in my neck. They watched the baby and I went to the ER. Again.

This time the doctor on call, said no. I think it's your thyroid and ordered a CT Scan immediately. The results? A plum-sized growth on my thyroid. And it needed to come out, it was shoving my esophagus and windpipe to the left.

Had the ENT he tried to call been the one on call that night, I would have had surgery right then, I think.

But he wasn't. So I was told to go to the office the next day.

The next day they did a biopsy. And started making plans for surgery. They said it was so large that it had to come out, no matter what it was. Tumor or goiter. Obviously, I was hoping for a goiter.


June 2013


Thyroid Carcinoma, the size of a soft ball.

Aaaaaaand it broke out of the capsule. Spread to the lymph nodes.

Full body scan, no spread to lungs or bone.

July 2013

Radioactive Iodine.

I chronicled it here.

So here we are, days away from Christmas.

This one feels particularly special as for a while we weren't sure if I was going to have it.