Friday, March 23, 2012


40: My partner in crime.

She has joined me in taking silly pictures around the house.

33 revisited

Almost done!

And this was accomplished right before I went on bed rest. Thank goodness.

I have had zip-zilch for creativity and have spent my time reading, sleeping and watching junk on television.


39: Vivid

For the photo group.

I cannot go far to seek out my photo group pictures anymore, I have been put on bed rest.

You see, Little Miss Impatient (we finally did see that the babe is a girl) has decided to try to make an early escape.


So, I have been given meds and an order to rest to help her make it to full term.

Thank goodness my meds were a nice, bright hue.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


38: Abandoned

I drive by this building all the time, and I always want to stop.

Today, not only did I have my camera with me, but I also went by when there was nobody around.

This is not exactly a tourist attraction.

So I finally get over there batteries are dead.

I did get one semi-decent shot.


37: Circles. Photo Group.

A close-up of some paper coils I made for a necklace.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


36: Wildcard 2. Photo Group

Back to carrying my camera around with me.

And this is the kind of stuff I like, the quirky.

The "C" was put on upside down. Even when you turned the water on, the letter remained inverted.


35: Wildcard 1. Photo Group.

Behind again, imagine that.

I made a wrong turn and had to turn around in a shopping mall.

Low and behold I was greeted by a window full of bunny heads.

It was a costume shop. Sadly, they weren't open.

Seeing as how I intend to do the Halloween self-portrait thing again, I will definitely be going back!


34: Creative Styling

My version.

It is just temporary dye. Kind of fun having crazy colored hair again.


33: Pinterest.

I am hooked.

There are so many good ideas on there that I can spend hours just oogling.

Which has been my problem, I have been looking, not doing.



So enough gawking. I saw a good board entitled Think this is cute? Well, make it!

This is my first Inspired by Pinterest post.

I fell in love with this.

The poster had a non-working fireplace and chose to utilize the space with books.

I also have a non-working fireplace and could always use more space!

So. Step 1, cleaned it out.

Step 2. The shelving. We rent this house, so a bookshelf was the only option for this.

Step 3. Filling it up. This took most of the afternoon. The shelves were deep, so I have two rows on each shelf.

Step 4. Not yet completed, I need to make it look more like a library than bookshelf crammed into a fireplace.

Like the original post, I think I shall add more books to the sides and in front.

I did, however, inventory all the books that went on it. Good thing, I had a lot of duplicates.

I had been kicking around the idea of a library, but lacked space. So I have been saving books. Classics, old favorites, things that just sounded like a good read.

Now I am wondering why I go to the library at all? I have at least 100 books I have never read.