Monday, February 27, 2012


32: Doodling in the Dictionary

Where I found all the pictures I used today, by the way.

I have been trying to plan out the baby's nursery. I have bought one print that a friend of mine drew, but otherwise I am not committing to anything else.

I liked the idea of owls. Robots.

But most likely a sea theme.

Because of the print I bought from my friend, Nora.

I dreamed this was the baby I was having. You know, with tentacles. Boy, was I relieved after the first ultrasound.

So, a cute Cthulhu.

But I do still like the owl idea.


31: Inchies. Actually Twinchies.

And with a Valentine theme.

Silly. Gibbon you all my love.

Macabre. Lizzie Borden.


30: Inchies

Was actually very productive and creative today.

Felt good to be back to making things.


I do like doing these, but still get intimidated by the size.

Although now that I bought the inchie punch, the sizing is more accurate.


29: Terrible Night-time Photography.

I definitely am working on my night-time shooting next.

I think a tripod would help.

Tonight, accompanying the moon, was Venus and Jupiter.

Honestly, I am tickled that I finally was able to see an astrological event. Usually there are too many clouds or taking place in another hemisphere. And of course, most occur when I am sleeping.

With no flash;

Moon? Blob.

Venus? Check.

Jupiter? Check.

Literally, as they both appear as check marks.

With the night-time setting;



28: Photo Group Theme.



27: Altered Board Book

I saw THIS on Pinterest; Voila! Instant wall art.

Instead of canvas, I used one of my board books. I covered the front with a map. Not having a Cricut, I opted to use stickers for the quote.

However, maybe I should have opted to use stickers that were of better quality, I got mine from the Dollar Tree. A few came unstuck as I was painting them.

Sadly, they then decided to not come off easily either. It ended up a mess.

A few came off perfectly, so you can see how cool it almost was.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


26: My favorite tree

It is especially creepy on foggy days.



I was Soooo excited when I thought I saw an owl in my neighbor's tree.

However, once I grabbed the camera, I discovered it was one of those bird deterrents. This one even moves.

As you can see, in this photo by Ron Dudley, these do not always work.

You can see more of Ron's Feathered Photography Here.


24: Archives.

I love the Archive weeks. We get to dig around in old photos.

The first was The Spawnling. Here, she is just days old. My little chipmunk.

She had the blackest hair and a little jaundice, hence the nickname from my mother, Nanook.

Little Me. (Archives weeks are twofers, but these were scanned together.)

Apparently I had some sort of neck condition.


23: Triangle

Here is not the only place I have been slacking, I have missed my last few photo group themes as has been a constant creative funk.

Now that I am inspired again, I am catching up on all things this week.

My smart ass submission.

Have you ever noticed that the word TRIANGLE just looks weird?


22: The Barbie House has a new pet.


21: The Old Jail and the First Cemetery in Danbury, Connecticut

Back in the groove, I think.

I hope.

I went on a little self-guided tour yesterday.

My favorite shots from the Jail House;

The cemetery:

See the rest of the album HERE.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


20: Not-So-Vintage Inspired Army Man Valentine

Target actually pulled this card from it's shelves;

With his binoculars? Hmm. Could be...








16: VD Army Men Valentines


15: Army Men Valentines


14: VD Army Men

This one.

Inspired by, this one.


13: Altered Art Valentines

Appropriate, as I am in an altered state of mind. No joke.

Lately all I want to do is sleep, oogle baby related stuff and eat. I have not felt very creative lately.

At all.

I don't want to make things or even take pictures. Needless to say, this is very odd for me.

Here we are, right in the middle of February and today is the first day I have made anything.

Valentine's Day. Not even close to my favorite holiday. So why am I so inspired today?

I spent the morning looking at vintage Valentines. I may not love the holiday, but I do love those.

Then the daughter of a friend of mine made some of these.

I also saw them on Pinterest.

I had some army men so I decided to give these a whirl. Only instead of song lyrics, I used the wording from some of those old Valentines.

Inspired by this one;

I made this one;

See the original post HERE.