Friday, September 30, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011


157: Saturday Painting with Suzy


As you can see, this week's theme was a spacey one.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


156: Inchie, revisited

I finally got an inchie punch, which is a lot easier than the way I had been attempting to go about making them; a homemade template, then using a pen and scissors to cut it out. Made for wobbly lines as the template would slide a bit.

I found this little picture in one of my dictionaries.


155: Twinchie, revisited.

Getting around to finishing off some of the ones I have started.

Hey, blame it on my childhood......I grew up in the 1980's.

I do not yet have a twinchie punch. Hence the not so exact measurements, the lines are a wee bit wobbly. Oh, well.

I did, however, recently acquire both the rinchie (round, one inch)and the inchie (the traditional square) punches. So expect to see more of those (minus the wobbly line.)

Monday, September 19, 2011


154: Repurposed

Organization has become very important, especially lately. I have been turning the attic into more of a workable space. Still too hot or cold (depending on the time of the year) to have it become a studio, but this will make it so much easier for me to find things and have my work space be...less chaotic.

I ended up with an 8 track tape holder from the recycling center.

What I have discovered is that is the perfect size for my ink pads.

What I also discovered is that I only have ONE usable ink pad left. Apparently that old adage is true in ink as well...use it or lose it!


Well, when I get some more I have a perfect storage spot for it!

This one has 24 slots!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


153: Board Book

I made this board book into a sketchbook, already. But decided to make it exclusively for the group, Sketch Group.

So I made a cover. Nothing fancy, but identifiable.

It has room for 24 weeks, at the current schedule of once a week doodles.

What I love is that it is the perfect size for toting around, so I just may go back to carrying one of these around with me all the time.


152: Creepy Cupcakes

The theme for this week's Sketch Group drawing.

The second sketch I have done for this new group. Although my goal was creepy, he came out kind of cute. Even though he is moldy and does have a bug topping in lieu of a cherry?

Again, I used a page from my altered board book.


151: Farm Animal!

More Saturday night painting with my friend, Suzy.

This time I made a friend for the chicken. A Mister.

Monday, September 12, 2011


150: One Mustn't Eat Books at the Table

Repurposed copy of Emily Post's Book of Etiquette, 1965 edition.

I found the book at the recycling center. As there are pages and pages (and pages)of table manners, I thought it best to use that as the focus of this altered book.

The fork was also a recycling center rescue.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


149: Repurposed.

Was a bracelet. Way too chunky for my little wrist. So I dissected it and ended up with five rather large "jewels."

Three were turned into rings.

Up close and personal. Aren't they cool?

Once I get some bails, the remaining two will become necklaces. Probably.


148: Repurposed. Salvaged. Recycled.

My favorite kind of crafts.

Pendants. Or they will be.

These are not quite finished, I do not have any bails yet. And as they are clear, deciding if I should add a back.



147: Salvaged vintage earring

These were absolutely gorgeous earrings, but they were damaged. One of the hooks (on the back) was broken off.

So, naturally, they became rings.


146: Sketchbook group.

This week's theme was Zombie Sea Animal.

I went with a goldfish. Maybe saltwater is the reason he is now one of the undead.

Recognize the book? (It is one of my little altered board books.)


145: Weekly painting with my friend, Suzy

This week's theme was a sea creature.

I love to paint, but my passion exceeds my talent. For now, anyway.



144: Finish something someone else started.

Yes, a project from the book.

This little bag was started by someone else. Took me forever, but I finally completed it.

Thank goodness, they had done the color switching part, as I cannot do that yet. And the buttonholes.

Finished with a vintage button closure.


143: Knitting with a plastic bag, revisited

By George, I think she's got it!

Finished with a trio of vintage buttons covering the snap closure.

Yep. This one is even functional.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


142: Spin Art

More old school art fun.

This is a battery-operated spin art machine. I think my sister had one like this.

Sadly, this one was not complete. It is missing the cover...the part that keeps the paint from spraying all over the table. The children. You.

Exactly why we wear old clothes when painting.

All about experimentation.

Using full-strength acrylic.

Watered-down acrylic.

I think the right strength will be somewhere in between. However, after several attempts with the others, the littlest lost interest.

Le Sigh.


141: Spirograph

Good grief, this thing was NOT as easy as I recall from my childhood!

Without power, we went back to non-electrical activities. I pulled out the Spirograph set.

Spirograph is fun. It is easy, yet challenging. A young child or an adult can draw beautiful designs at once.

See, they even give you designs to practice;

Yeah, well.

This was the prettiest one I made.

I have actually been creating...

but failing to post. Hence the rather large gap between the last two posts.

I can only blame lack of power from Irene for 3 days. Mostly, it has been that I am rather consumed with job-hunting when I am online. I have probably applied for 85 jobs in the last week.


140: Wacky Creatures

A late night discussion, which may or may not have included alcohol, prompted me and a couple of other friends to each paint a picture of a made-up a creature and share them the next day.

I had salvaged a landscape painting at the recycling center, my original plan was to reuse the canvas.

However, once I retrieved it from the attic, I decided to just gesso over the right half of the painting and have my wacky creature invading the peaceful lighthouse scene.

Attack of the Ducktopus.

What is the coolest part about this project, is we have now decided to make it a weekly event.