Saturday, July 30, 2011


134: Currier and Collage, 3

Emigrants Cross the Great Plains.

I would totally use an Airstream for such a long trek.


133: Currier and Collage, 2

Let's go parasailing!


132: Currier and Collage

Inspired by the alterations of Creatures and Ives.

Our library had a new book out on the shelf; 100 favorites of Currier and Ives. So I brought it home to peruse. I had the thought in my head to alter them as well.

Was not sure how I wanted to do that exactly. My first inkling was, of course, a sea creature. A doodle of a giant squid on one of the pictures with a boat. However, that seemed too close to the Creatures and I did not really want to be a copycat.

What I came up with is an alteration using vintage advertising pictures. 1950's specifically. Although I suppose they would technically be considered contemporary when compared to the Currier and Ives era.

I have yet to get the colored copies of the ones I chose to alter, so they have been altered in the book. Not to worry, they were only placed on top of the page. I did take reference shots, so I could permanently replicate them later.

Oh, what fun it obviously is to ride in a one, two horse open sleigh.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


131: Something Old Made New

Well, not exactly. Used in a new way, yes.

I found an old radio at the recycling center.

I thought it looked very cool. I wanted it, but was unsure what I could do with it, other than use it as a decoration. A rather large decoration. So I decided to not bring it home.

However, upon driving away I decided I had to have it anyway. So, I went back and got it.

And I am so glad I did. I figured out a new use for it.

Basically, I turned it into a speaker.

The back is open and all the radio components are on the bottom. I had thought maybe I could remove the radio guts and just rewire it and use it in my kitchen. Currently, there is a CD player boom box in there that has great sound, but is not all that aesthetically pleasing.

However, I saw that it was complete and possibly still works (I was afraid to plug in the cord as it looks rather sketchy.) But my little boom box fits right on top of the components and when I turn it on, the music comes through the speaker.

My little find is indeed a nice piece. I did some digging and found it is a 1935 RCA T8-14. A table radio that originally sold for $79.95 (the equivalent of $1000.00 today.) There were also only about 16,502 manufactured.

So I think I made the right call. It does need a little TLC, some of the original veneer (?) is missing and there is a smudge of green paint on the front.

This fellow here went a step further and actually restored his to working condition as a radio. If I should embark on this task myself, I could maybe use his as a guide.

But most likely, it will live out the remainder of its days as a speaker.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


130: Historic Possum Snout

I just love kooky names for things. Possum Snout has to be the kookiest name of a town that I have actually lived in.

Yes, I did a brief stint in Possum Snout. Although the name had been changed to Tallapoosa by the time I lived there.

The name may have officially changed, but the signs in town still sport the old one as well.

Should you be that way on New Year's Eve, stop by for the Possum Drop.

Yes, folks, to ring in the New Year a Possum (provided by Bud Jones Taxidermy) is encased in a ball bedecked with lights and lowered from the oldest building in town.

One day I would like to see this for myself, as it looks like a hoot. For the time being, I'll just sport the shirt my mama sent from last year's event.


129: Pimp My Ride.

Not sanctioned by the school board, I am sure.

There are lots of walls around Atlanta that have been....redecorated. This was my first bus.


128: Playing the tourist

I had planned to take several photo expeditions when I went back to my old stomping grounds. In fact, I hit the ground shooting.

I met up with a couple of friends of mine at Oakland Cemetery, a few miles from the airport. I drove there immediately after acquiring my rental car.

Yes, I do have a thing for old graveyards. The main attraction to me are the monuments; the angels mainly, and Oakland is chock full of them. It is funny, that in all the years I lived in the Metro-Atlanta area I had never been to this one.

This was my favorite of the day.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


127: Repairs

This poor little ring broke, but was still securely attached to the filigree of the original ring blank.

I had taken a chance with it anyway, the ring blank was from an order that had been damaged during shipping.

But now it is all snug on a new base, and back into active duty.


126: Earring from my sister.

This ring was originally a Sarah Coventry clip-on earring. Very heavy.

The stone is opaque, so I am not sure yet if I am going to leave it as is. As you can see, the ring blank is clearly visible underneath.

But I love the color.


125: Earring from my mother

My mom found these earrings and they were very lovely, but hung oddly. She asked me to help her make a ring out of one when I cane to town.

Having not brought my tools, as I knew my mom had at least a pair of wire cutters, I just brought along some ring blanks. I also gave her a tube of E-6000, so she could have it on hand for any future jewelry revamping.

I am glad she gave me the mate, this turned out just beautiful! (Of course, I am always a sucker for something green.)

Summer Bummer

Honestly have had a hard time being creative this summer.

All I have wanted to do is read, sleep (Yes, I have rediscovered the joy of a little afternoon catnap) and goof off with the family.

I went to Georgia last week to visit my family, even managed to see a few friends. But while I was there, I ended up giving a few impromptu jewelry lessons. A few repairs and making some new pieces from old ones. Which, of course, is my favorite.

I acquired two new (to me) pieces. Mates to earrings that both my mother and my sister found too heavy for earrings. Each made a ring out of one and gave me the mate, so I could do the same.

So I came home once again feeling creative. Whew. I was starting to get into quite the creative rut!

Again. *le sigh


124: I spy with my little eye...

I found this little thing at the recycling center, actually in the dirt by one of the tables.

I thought it was a button at first. But when I dug it up I saw that it was not. After I cleaned it up a bit I just loved the weathered look of it.

I do not actually know what it is...was. Well, no matter, now it is my ring.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


123: LEGO

This ring was made using a little flat piece, one that can cover a small block.

I found two that feature a map. Rings are my preferred craft of the week, apparently.


122: And.......we're back.

Finally feel like making things. I was not in a rut exactly, but I was organizing and cleaning out mostly.

I confess, I have had a slight lazy streak lately...just wanting to read lately.

Have added quite a bit of things to my crafting arsenal.

A friend of mine had made a ring using a mini maze. I came across a few of these tiny distractions and decided to make one for myself.