Friday, March 25, 2011


Day 60: Make something that casts a shadow and document only the shadow.

Today, I reproduced a picture I have always liked. A ring that casts a heart shadow in a book.

It does in fact cast a heart shadow and was simple to recreate.

The entire image.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Day 59: Mix and Match. Work with two materials that don't usually go together.

A more daring friend of mine actually mixed Jager with cereal, and I trust her enough to believe her when she says this was a bad decision. I am going to stay far, far, far away from the culinary version of this sort of mixing and matching today.

I went with the old cliche about oil and water, as everyone knows they don't mix.

Courtesy of someone with a better camera;

However, I did see that. But with my little point and shoot camera, I was unable to capture it on film, er, digitally. It happened very quick. And the oil obviosly goes straight to the top.


Day 58

Today I was taking pictures for a group I belong to on FaceBook. The theme was Black and white wildcard.

I submitted my shot, but then later took this one. Which I actually ended up liking a little better. So now I get to share both today.

Yes. We did get more snow last night. Just a dusting really, but an unexpected snow nonetheless. Come on, Mother Nature, I am ready for Spring.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Day 57: Use a disposable plastic bag to create something new.

I am a fairly new knitter, but I believe I have mastered the wobbly scarf. Although as I have been knitting and re-knitting the same scarf for about a year now, I found that I am better than I thought. I think I can actually proceed with making the whole dang thing now.

Just in time for Spring :/

So for today's challenge, I opted to knit with a loverly Tar-jay bag. However, having no convenient ball of plastic handy I had to make one. Sadly, I am a poor maker of knittable plastic as it kept breaking (stretching, as you know, makes plastic rather thin.)

So here's what I got.

OK, so I inverted the colors, as it was just so....not pretty.

And of course, after butchering up my own bag, I find this tutorial. Facepalm.

Well, being wacky Wednesday and all...maybe I will try it again, or experiment with more non-traditional things to knit with.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Day 56: Another off the book adventure in retro advertisements (said with the correct English annunciation, of course.)

Again, Digital. Meh, I still think I like the look old school collage style better. While the Interwebz has a million or so images at my disposal, I am still not that great at Paint.

Le sigh, I shall have to break down and buy PhotoShop. Grrr, best solution, I am we ALL know the outcome of my oh-hey-let's-find-a-free-site for my manipulations.

The inspiration? I found a couple of vintage ads, one for more head room in a car, and another, a rather sexist thing...I believe for ketchup.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Day 55: Write an advertising jingle for something in nature.

Ok, so once again in a creative rut. Guh. Halfway through March and I have only done 6!

So my new plan is to spend a day on it and that is it. If an idea doesn't immediately hit me, I am going to run with the first thing that comes to mind...that's the beauty if this challenge, no rules. I don't even have to go in order.

I foresee a few of these days in the next week, as I scanned ahead in the book.

Today, I am going with an advertisement, but a revisit to an idea I first found last year. New products, with a retro or vintage "ad".

I did this one last year for the Altered Book Art Show.

Today, though, I opted for a digital version....

The print came out smaller than intended, dang it. Oh well.

And my inspiration, <3 <3 <3

My Darling's Buttocks are Pleasingly Round.
Original work by Patrician Mixus Alotus
(Sir Mixalot would be the most appropriate English translation -ed)

The courtiers like big bustles and they cannot lie.
No gentleman doth deny.
When a fair maiden strolls in with a diminutive waist
And a bustle in your face

You approach a mutual acquaintance who may introduce her to you, and after a respectful introduction you politely inquire her father whether or not you may be allowed to make calls upon said young lady, and should he acquiesce, you make a series of chaperoned calls at the estate of said fair maiden, and after an appropriate time, during which you have reviewed her trainings, breeding, accomplishments, likelihood to produce healthy offspring, and family standing, you approach her father again, and if he agrees to the marriage, you have an elaborate wedding, making sure lest you snub any family connections on either side, after which you embark on an appropriate honeymoon during which you get sprung.

You become distracted from your affairs when you notice the pleasurable silhouette of a young woman with a bustle.
It lies beneath many layers of fabric, and you find yourself utterly engaged in examining it from afar.

Oh, darling, I would like to escort you on outings
And commission an oil portrait of you
My fellow gentlemen attempt to dissuade me,
But your bustle imparts within me feelings of great ecstasy.

Oh yes, that wire frame
Would you like to ride in my hansom?
Then join me, I beg you to join me
For you are more accomplished and pleasing to look upon than an average young lady

I have observed you at dancing
And I fear my love for you will scarcely bear a long courtship
I perspire greatly
As a racehorse will in the midst of the steeplechase
Were your figure to be compared with those great engines of steam, surly yours would be the mightiest and able to drive an ironclad to terrific speed.

I tire of these leisurely publications
Advocating the abandonment of the bustle--
If you were to inquire as to the opinions of gentlemen of standing on this matter, you would find that they greatly prefer the current fashion.

Therefore, gentlemen...
Does your paramour wear a bustle?
Quite so!
Then pray, gently encourage her to continue wearing this wonderful article in public, for it is a sign of good health and breeding.

I enjoy bustles of great proportion and an exceeding roundness, therefore during the London season I find it difficult to control my masculine urges, and ashamedly I have been given to fits of madness, where my behavior is no better than the beasts in the field. Forgive me for being so brazen, as I know this shall cause a scene.

Darling, I wish to wisk you away to my summer home on the coast, and once there I shall ravish you in a most depraved manner, stopping not once for sustenance until we have both satisfied our carnal desires.
I refer not to the illustrations in penny dreadfuls when judging your figure, for they are obviously flawed.

Indeed I proclaim the plump health of your figure, as it is reminiscent of a juice filled piece of fruit and quite pleasurable to my eyes.
I fear that I have you at a disadvantage, but I can do not but find myself before you on bended knee, my mind alight with images of your form, for which I now entreat.

The other day I was taking in a performance by a musical group of some renown, and I was horrified to find that a bevy of sallow and sunken young ladies were strutting like splay legged milk mares, their ribs visible beneath their skin. Fie on those slattern harpies! A gentleman much prefers to gaze upon firm fetters.

An aside to those women who keep themselves trim and neat, I would very much desire to call upon your houses and make introductions to other gentlemen with which I am acquainted.
They are all stout and solid men of the highest moral character who abstain from rough language, and would never dream of treating any woman as a Flashman treats his strumpets.
However, I must make it clear that they enjoy the pleasures of pleasant company, and may wish to court you. Modesty aside, I am the most desirable of my gentleman companions.

There are many the cash carriers and haymarket hectors that will find my words to ring false, but there is no honor among such a dastardly lot. They would rather meet a toffer for a night’s pleasure than properly woo a lady. I, on the other hand, am immune to such temptations, having been raised to properly respect and revere the company of gentlewomen.

If you do wish to ride in my luxurious carriage...
Indeed, milord!
Then kindly grace my eyes with the swell of your bustle.
Even gentlemen such as I must proclaim your exceeding fairness!

Indeed, the Continental fashion of narrow hipped boyish mops is most dreadful.
Parade, while a fine publication, fails to reflect my personal feelings on the proper form of a maiden.
It is well known to science that measurements of certain parts of the body can indicate health and robustness; however those measurements forwarded by some would only speak health to me if the figure they described were much shorter in stature.

So, your betrothed owns a carriage of Japanese make
and engages in calisthenics instructed by Lady Jane Fonda?
But Miss Fonda has no motor in the rear of her carriage!
I, and by extension my membrum virilis, which I shall liken unto a ferocious and large snake, am not interested in the performance of the sacred marital duties, unless the Creator has endowed you with a voluptuous form pleasing to the baser instincts of man, dear heart.

Various rapscallions make pretensions of being noble
And admonish that thy bustle is akin in size to the fretful hippopotamus
So they make pantywaisted pretense for your affections before fleeing from romantic commitment
But I am swift to mend thy bruis├ęd fluttering heart
These periodicals of the printing press state that it is in good Parisian style to resemble a victim of consumption.


Thy shape resembleth a glass of sweet wine
So to the waifish guttersnipes I proclaim:
Thou'rt not divine, onion-headed lasses!
Rather introduce me to a lady of the court,
One of such striking beauty that I am smitten by her glory
And whose curves show that she lacks for neither nourishment nor health
Some blatherskites speak ill of women in my company
For their tongues are sharpened by jealousy
They squandered their one opportunity with such damsels by acting the churl
And I fly to the scorned and praise their beauty
So if thy bustle is elliptical
And thy womanly fires burn hungrily for one to stoke the flames
Please see my man Godwin for my card
And do call on Sunday for tea.


Admiral Squidingtoe, OBE, TSC, PGP, RSA, Esq.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Day 54: Connect the Dots. Make something only using dots.

Ooooh, I am happy to say I am overrun with ideas for this one...from the me who loves silly puzzles(Dot-to-Dot!) to art class flashbacks. Stippling. Hole punch mosaic. Then of course, pointillism.

Probably the most recognizable example of ponitillism is George Seurat's A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.

I got my first glimpse of that picture (and very likely that painting style) in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I love that museum scene...where it just gets closer and closer until you see that it is just a series of dots.

But Seurat took two years to create this piece...what can I make in only a day?

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Day 53: Make something in which the sense of smell is the essential component.

I think I am having a rough patch here...

My first thought was perfume. But I don't wear any and don't have the slightest clue about making it.

Then I started thinking about all my favorite smells.




Then I think about childhood favorites (see, diggin' DEEP here.)

Those good-smelling markers, but I don't have any of those.

Scratch and Sniff stickers.


Scratch and sniff.

Found a "recipe" for scratch and sniff "paint". Actually several variants. Kool-Aid and water. Jello and water. I did these all sans kiddo, so if you opt to give this a whirl with yours...this is a staining type of paint. (And sour too. Ahem, not that I tasted it or anything.)

I have to say my kitchen smelled rather good and after drying, the smell was still evident. So, YAY.

However, as there is water in it, I suggest watercolor paper. Alas, I didnt have I just used a page in my art journal.

Kool-Aid and water. (caused some funky bubbles in the paper...)

Kool-Aid, water and paint.

So, my vote is for adding paint to the mix as there were less bubbles in the paper.

After I get some watercolor paper I am going to try this one again!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Day 52: Work upside down. Create something in such a way that you have to rotate it 180 degrees to display/see it when it is finished.

Uh, yeah. Here it is going on day three mulling this over and I just keep coming up blank. Should I just call it a fail when I do this...or keep puzzling it over? Then it kinda loses that oh you know DAILY thing I was shooting for. But then again, I end up not creating ANYTHING which is also defeating the purpose.

Le sigh.

So I finally ended up going with the lesson plan from Drawing From the Right Side of the Brain and drawing something upside down.

I used a couple of pictures from a pirate coloring book.

This only strengthens my decision to get back to drawing class. Immediately. lol.


Day 51: Make something that would not normally be considered cute and cuddly into something that is.

Aww, a cute, little, wait......Zombie Deer.

The spawn thought he was cute, even with his exposed ribs and droopy eye.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Day 50: Be a minimalist. Work only with white materials today.

I finally got the hair clips I ordered in...just in time for today's challenge.(Yes, I know, I am a few days off AGAIN....still feelin a little puny.)

I keep finding the most interesting buttons in my stash.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Day 49: Quantity over quality. Work with a lot of something.

Legos. The Spawnling's old ones. Actually, before they were hers, they were mine.

But I also decided to repurpose a few. Ok, a lot. I mean, seriously, the Spawn is going on 17...she is way past her Lego days. Sure, they may get occasional play when she sees them, but otherwise they stay stored away for years. know me. Rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

So of sourse, you can now find them in my etsy shop. Click the picture, or go...